Do you need respite?

Our respite care is designed to replace the care you normally receive on a short-term basis. It allows your regular carer or loved one to take a break - whether this is for a few days, a week or longer - without you having the emotional and physical upheaval of moving into residential care.

A stress-free holiday for you and your carer

We’ll step in to seamlessly take over your care while your regular carer is having a well-deserved rest, allowing them to return refreshed and rejuvenated and for you to benefit from continuity of care. We will go out of our way to take away any worry from both parties during the break.

Day-to-day help

Our temporary carers can provide around the clock, in-home respite. They will come into your home, living alongside you to provide short-term care, company and friendship so you don’t have to leave the familiarity of your home environment when your carer takes a holiday. From personal care, to housekeeping, to medical support, we’ll seek to replicate the same level of care that you’re used to, offering you continuity and your carer the reassurance that all of their responsibilities are covered.

A seamless transition

Change can be unsettling so our temporary carers will work hard to minimise any disruption to your regular care routine and your lifestyle preferences - from regular social engagements to your mealtime favourites. Respite care is designed as a temporary care solution for relatively short-term periods but it still requires meticulous planning to make sure all of your medical and other requirements are met while your carer is away. We will spend time with you before your carer leaves to make sure we fully understand your requirement and everyone is completely comfortable with the care provided.

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