Need Immediate Care?

Life is never predictable – some things can't be planned for. Livein24 recognises that sometimes you’ll need care at short notice, so we have a team of enthusiastic carers on standby, ready to step in when you need their support the most.

Emergency respite care

Some situations arise without warning. For example, maybe your regular carer is unexpectedly taken ill. We have a network of carers across the UK who can step in on a temporary basis at short notice to ensure you continue to get the live-in care you need while they recuperate.

Rapid response

When an emergency occurs our rapid response care team are only a phone call away, poised to provide you with immediate care. We promise to get a carer out to you within four hours. Guaranteed. The carer will stay with you whilst we assess your needs and keep you safe.

The Livein24 service is backed up by a fleet of emergency vehicles from six wheeled off terrains, four-wheeled drives and even boats. This means that we can guarantee you will have a carer, whatever the weather. Call the team on 0800 292 2424 and we'll do the rest.

Hospital discharge

A pending hospital discharge can add an urgent need for care to the list of worries for a family at an already emotional time. Our carers will work closely with your family and hospital discharge team to make your return to the home environment successful, safe and stress-free. Key to this is ensuring you have the right level of care waiting for you. Whether you need specialist medical support or just the reassurance that someone is there for you, having a live-in carer on hand during your recuperation, not only allows a prompt return home but can also benefit your recovery and rehabilitation.

0800 292 2424


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