How does live-in care work?

With a live-in carer, you can get up when you want, eat what you like, take a nap when you feel like it, see your friends, continue your hobbies (or take up new ones) and most importantly enjoy your family time. Our professional live-in carer will be at hand every step of the way to look after your personal needs, so you can continue to live your life exactly as you choose.

We don’t have a typical customer

People consider live-in care for a whole variety of reasons, due to a whole range of conditions (from dementia to physical disabilities) and at different points in their lives. Here are just a few examples of circumstances where our carers can help:

  • Visiting (or domiciliary) care is no longer sufficient.
  • A residential care home hasn’t worked out.
  • Couples looking for a care solution that allows them to live together.
  • Younger people who want to live a full life independently.
  • A hospital discharge that’s dependent on 24 hour care.
  • A young person needing a little extra help to embark on their journey into independent adulthood.
  • Short-term care to give a regular carer a break.
  • If you’re seeking an economic alternative to residential care.
  • Or it can simply be because you want to have the choice to live independently in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Living according to your lifestyle

We will work with you and your family to understand what quality of life means to you. We’ll then make sure you achieve it. For some, it’s simply providing the dignity of discrete personal care (toileting and washing), the security of feeling safe at night and help getting in and out of bed. Others appreciate us taking away the burden of remembering medication routines. Many appreciate a helping hand maintaining their high standards of housekeeping and laundry while for others being able to get out in the car, keeping up regular social routines and visiting friends gives them the feeling of freedom they want to preserve. Our carers will cover whatever you and your family want them to help with

The very best possible care

Whatever your medical needs, we will work alongside your district nurses, GP, physiotherapists and hospital team to make sure you receive the very best possible care.

As well as providing essential companionship and compassion, our carers are also trained to provide medical support, whether it’s administering medication helping with mobility or other more complex needs. For example, all of our carers complete dementia training to ensure we tailor our care to support those living with memory loss and help enhance the quality of their lives. We also offer online consultation services for families.

You’re in control

Care is always arranged on your terms. If your needs and routines change, so too can the carer support we provide. We will give you plenty of time to discuss everything and ask as many questions as you need (we understand arranging care can be an emotional decision) and will develop a personalised care plan that you’re happy with.

Setting up

Finding the right carer to support you is our first priority. We will then work with you to make their living arrangements. Your carer will need to have their own room in your house, access to a bathroom and ideally be able to use the internet. Naturally, we will need to schedule some breaks for your carer - we can arrange for a relief carer to cover during these times if necessary.

Whatever your situation, we will work closely with you and your family to develop your care plan and talk you through the varied support we can offer (for example, if required we can supply specialist equipment on a short-term loan or long term hire basis).

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