An alternative to a residential care home

Faced with the prospect of needing long-term nursing care, residential care can feel like your only option. It's not. More and more people are choosing live-in care as an alternative, inviting professional carers to live alongside them, providing around the clock care in their home.

A more flexible care solution

Whilst the communal living of residential care homes appeals to some, it’s not for everyone. Maybe you want to be able to continue living as a couple? Or you have pets you can't bear to leave? Perhaps the prospect of leaving the memories your home represents is unthinkable? If this sounds like you, live-in care could be a more suitable care solution.

The advantages

We believe if you want to stay living at home, our live-in carers can make it happen for you, offering you the following benefits:

  • One-to-one personalised attention. With live-in care your health and wellbeing is the single focus of our highly-trained carer – their time and attention is not shared between you and other residents so they can developed a care plan that’s specific to you rather than designed to meet the needs of many.
  • Control over your lifestyle. Get up when you’re ready. Eat the foods you enjoy most. Continue your hobbies and keep up your social commitments. Our carers will adapt to you and your lifestyle preferences, allowing you to follow your own routines and continue living life on your terms.
  • Access to your home comforts. The upheaval of moving out of your home to the unfamiliar surroundings of a residential care home can be unsettling. With live-in care you stay in the surroundings you’re used to.
  • Maintain important relationships. Whether this is your partner or a pet, if our carers move in you don’t have to endure the pain of living separately.
  • An in-house doctor on hand. Our live-in clients benefit from out of hours telephone access to a dedicated GP giving you and your family the peace of mind that your health needs are being met whatever the time of day.

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